Get Graphic Terms, Conditions, Notices, Company Policies and Disclosures

Thank you for choosing to Get Graphic with your current project. We want you to be completely satisfied with the products you receive from us, and want you to know what to expect when your project is completed. In an effort to clarify some things that sometimes get overlooked during the order process, the following 12 brief items are some important things we want to make sure you know about our policies regarding the completion process of your order.

Please read the following in detail, so that there are no disappointments, disputes, or miscommunication regarding your finished product. If you have any questions or concern about any of the following, please don’t hesitate to ask.

1: A digital proof will be provided on all orders for customer to review and approve prior to final print. Get Graphic will not be responsible for any errors on products that were approved by the customers in the proof provided. This includes any spelling or typographical errors, as well as omitted items. Get Graphic will not be responsible for errors on products that are approved without customer review of a digital proof.

2. Customer should be aware that color discrepancies occur in digital proofs and final products may be different in actual color from colors that appear on a screen. It is the customer’s responsibility to ask for a physical proof if color correctness needs to be reviewed. Get Graphic will not be liable for color discrepancies between digital proofs and actual print colors.

3. All Customer provided artwork is assumed to be correct in color, style, and format. Get Graphic will not be responsible for printing errors, color variations, or discrepancies on ANY customer provided art.

4. Slight color variations occur from media to media as well as from machine to machine. Get Graphic will not be responsible for slight variations in color on any products. Customer should be aware that color hues may differentiate from product to product, and are a regular part of the printing process.

5. Customer provided artwork that is provided in any format other than original “vector” artwork that was created as an .eps file can not be changed, modified or edited, and can sometimes be unusable. Artwork provided in other formats are subject to artwork fees for recreation in a usable format at the discretion of Get Graphic.

6. Pixelation can occur with files that are provided in any format other than what is listed above. Get Graphic is not responsible for clarity or accuracy of any artwork that is not provided as an original .eps file.

7. Vinyl products (including but not limited to: Signs, Window Lettering, and Auto Wraps) occasionally have small air bubbles after installation, as well as lifting issues over time. (Especially when installed over uneven surfaces or surfaces that are not completely smooth and flat) Get Graphic will not be responsible for any lifting issues over non-flat areas or air bubbles on any products. Furthermore, Get Graphic will not be responsible for fading of any products over time. Any warranty on vinyl products is provided directly by the product manufacturer and not by Get Graphic.

7. Auto Wraps are a very labor intensive manual process of applying sheets of vinyl over automotive panels. Due to the nature of stretching and applying multiple sheets, slight variations can occur in panel alignment. Also, minor imperfections can occur in the application process. The Get Graphic “standard” is visually appealing from a distance of 15′ away. Get graphic will not be responsible for panels being crooked, having seams, rough areas, stretched vinyl, or lifting over non-flat surfaces. Customer should be aware that these are common occurrences in the wrap process, and finished product will not be flat, smooth, or perfect. Auto Wrap is NOT intended to be, & should not be used as alternative to automotive paint.

8. Delivery dates and order completion for orders placed less than 30 days before the requested delivery date can not be guaranteed. At Get Graphic we do our best to accommodate delivery needs and time frames of all customers, but due to supplier and shipper delays, as well as fluctuations in volume, needs for delivery of products less than 30 days from the order date cannot be guaranteed, but will try to be accommodated.

9. Basic artwork is included in many of our job quotes. If you purchase an Item from Get Graphic that includes artwork, that price includes one proof and one revision. If additional proofs or revisions are required, regular artwork charges may apply at our standard hourly rate.

10. Printing on apparel products is a process completed by hand, therefore placement from garment to garment will differ slightly. Get Graphic will not be responsible for slight variations in positioning of artwork on apparel products.

11. It is our recommendation that ALL apparel garments you receive from us be hand or machine washed cold, and allowed to hang dry for longest life expectancy. If garment must be machine dried, do so on no heat or low heat settings for longest life expectancy. Due to different laundering practices, Get Graphic does not warranty garments beyond the second time it is washed, and only then if the above laundering process is followed.

12. We have a minimum charge of $20 for any order placed. Some orders may require partial or full payment in advance. Any outstanding balance must be paid upon notification of job completion, regardless of when it is picked up or delivered. Furthermore, any deposit or payment collected in advance will be considered liquidated damages at the point customer does not have us complete the project, in which case any amount received will be non refundable.